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Erbium doped phosphate laser glass (er: glass), with a laser output of 1.54mm for human eye safety, has a stimulated emission cross-section of 8'10-21cm-2, and a fluorescence lifetime greater than 8.2 ms. It can be used for field laser ranging, target indication, medical equipment, as well as for LiDAR, vehicle collision avoidance, helicopter cable avoidance, atmospheric observation, communication, etc. We can provide erbium glass rods with a diameter of f1-20 (d) Å 10-120 (l) mm, or glass sheets of various sizes. A typical xe lamp pumped f3'30 laser has a threshold of less than 6j and a slope efficiency of more than 1.8%, which is used for laser ranging. The ld pump series is a phosphate laser glass doped with different concentrations of er yb, which can be used in communication fields such as optical waveguide amplifiers and fiber amplifiers.
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